About Prohands


Professional Hands Institute was founded in May, 2004 as a privately held corporation in the State of Florida, with the main facility in Miami, Florida. In 2011 a new campus was opened in the SW area of Miami, and both campuses are growing successfully. Our dedication and hard work has allowed us to gain recognition in recent years as an excellent school in South Florida, with updated programs and modern technology. We are proud of our successful operation during these years, providing thousands of students with professional skills and the necessary practice and training in the fields of Massage Therapy and as Medical Assistants.


Professional Hands Institute’s mission is to provide quality education and training to all our students. Our aim is to help students acquire advanced skills to become confident, competent and caring professionals. We are a fully accredited school that teaches in a supportive and ethical environment, providing personalized lessons in small, specialized classes taught by professional instructors. Our Institute is a dynamic and innovative school that provides a state-of-art education. Through a comprehensive curriculum, divided into theory, demonstration and practical work, we keep the classroom experience exciting and teach our students how to combine knowledge and expert techniques with a caring presence.


Our educational philosophy focuses on creating a superior learning environment for our students, while providing our faculty with opportunities for continued professional development and growth. We care for professional excellence, and we firmly believe that a solid educational foundation and the mastery of the newest techniques and acquired skills, followed by years of practice and continued learning, will allow the students to gain enough confidence to develop their individual styles and improve their ability to customize services and succeed in their profession. In addition to the program classes, we also have a Student Clinic, supervised by an instructor, which brings more benefits to our students through a hands-on, practical experience. This additional practice empowers our students by developing their skills while gaining the confidence they need to become exceptional health care professionals. We also dedicate time to foster community awareness and appreciation of the healthcare professions through volunteering for community activities and participation in local events and health fairs.


Professional Hands Institute does not discriminate regarding age, race, sexual preference, gender, color, creed, religion, veteran’s status or ethnic origin in providing educational programs, activities, and employment opportunities. We firmly believe in Equal Rights and Opportunities.